Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy of FINOMENAL WEALTH.

At FINOMENAL WEALTH, we respect your privacy and we will put our best effort to safeguard your information and we also fully understand  the importance of the information you entrust upon us.

The privacy policy describes our practices concerning the information collected by us.

We will evaluate this privacy to the best level of our effort and will ensure to maintain the transparency.

Information we collect about you? 

We collect information entered by you on our website. It is generally your email address which you enter to follow and subscribe our blog with an aim to get notifications of our new updates and new posts from time to time.

How the information will be used?

The information that we collect which is generally your email address is taken for the purpose of updating you with our new posts as you follow and subscribe our blog by email and we will build a trust between you and us and will safeguard your private information thereby improving our services, communicating with you.

It must be given attention that ensuring our privacy policy, we do not sell, trade or transfer your emails and your personal information to any third party website or vendors and neither it will be used for spamming.

We use all security and safety measures for your best and better user experience.

The privacy policy may be updated ?

Some circumstances may demand some updates and changes in our privacy policy.Hence, our privacy policy is subjected to changes and updates and you must ensure that you check out the updated privacy policy.

We are dedicated to the values that are beneficial to our visitors, followers,subscribers and we ensure you that we will work with honesty and transparency.

Thank you! 

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